Connectivity Management Platform — AerPort™


Simplifying Real-Time Remote Monitoring and Control

Aeris AerPort provides complete control over your IoT and M2M programs through the entire device lifecycle; allows real-time visibility into device performance and traffic patterns; and enables cost controls through flexible alerts and alarms. These capabilities result in greater operational efficiency, higher levels of automation, and ultimately, a much lower TCO.

Aeris customers enjoy a significant cost advantage over customers of other IoT and M2M service providers—in fact, nearly a 2x advantage according to a market study published alongside research by IDC. Much of this cost savings is the result of the advanced capabilities of AerPort, Aeris’ award-winning M2M / IoT device monitoring and management portal.


Aeris AerPort provides an in-depth information window into the status of the entire IoT / M2M deployment. With real-time reporting of usage and costs, AerPort gives you the tools you need to have a thorough understanding of critical operational details. For example, with AerPort, you can implement custom alerts and alarms that trigger on any activity across the normal operating profile, thus eliminating cost overruns or minimizing the impact of potential issues.


AerPort provides extensive device management capabilities tuned to the specific needs of M2M / IoT deployments. With Aeris AerPort, you can provision and suspend devices easily, adjust rate plans, start billing, add or remove static IP addresses, and conduct multiple functions across the M2M / IoT lifecycle. Additionally, through a robust set of APIs, all actions can be performed at scale, in batches as large as 10,000.


AerPort connectivity analytics optimize IoT / M2M deployments by providing visibility, insight, alerts, and actionable information about device usage, performance, and costs. AerPort’s connectivity analytics enable proactive identification of usage and billing issues; differential access to connectivity data; remote diagnosis and support; and a single dashboard for in-depth visibility.


When devices are not functioning properly, it is critical to understand immediately if there is a problem with the device, the application, or the cellular network. With Aeris AerPort, you have complete information so you know, at a glance, the status of all aspects of the network, allowing faster and more accurate troubleshooting. For example, with AerPort, you can pin a device that is having an issue, find nearby devices to check if the problem is network or device-specific, or clear device registration to force a reset. With Aeris AerPort, organizations can lower costs via reduced workloads for repair personnel and minimal downtime for devices and the items they monitor. Key AerPort functionality includes:

  • Device Management – easily provision devices, activate and start billing, suspend or cancel devices, and access customer support. Devices can be provisioned and managed in batches of as much as 10,000.
  • Device Traffic Management – retrieve detailed device traffic information, including billing information, to analyze device performance and root cause cost drivers.
  • Alerts Management – define custom alerts with a wide range of flexible options in addition to pre-defined system alerts.
  • Reports – view both custom and pre-defined reports on device details, traffic costs, and traffic handled by each device.


Aeris AerPort Guided Tour

Identify Problem Devices Faster

Leverage the Aeris AerPort platform for traffic monitoring, usage reporting, and customizable device-level alerting capabilities to identify device anomalies before they impact your end-customer or bill.

Resolve Connectivity Issues Proactively

Lower operational costs by resolving issues immediately with self-service troubleshooting and support tools, including real-time visibility into network activity, real-time alerts to identify problem devices, and the ability to force action onto a device, such as network re-registration or SMS commands.

Control Costs Throughout the Supply Chain

Tightly manage and automate your supply chain and control costs with device provisioning, in-factory testing, automated end-user activations, and on-demand billing suspension.

Carrier Agnostic

Integrate existing deployments on another cellular provider with no impact on your current contractual relationship.